Narcotics Task Force

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The Narcotics Task Force is a multi-agency organization to include members of the Alexander City Police, Tallapoosa County Sheriff's Department, Dadeville Police, Tallassee Police and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. The Sheriff's Department has two (2) investigators assigned to the task force.

The following is an overview of the activities of the task force for 2016:

Cases Opened: 675
Cases Closed: 626
Number of Arrests: 1186
Number of Persons Arrested: 611

The following are the seizures made by the task force for 2018:

Marijuana: 3229 grams $85,634.00
Powder Cocaine: 114 grams $11,400.00
Crack Cocaine: 184 grams $18,400.00
Synthetic Marijuana: 
864 grams $4300.00
Methamphetamine: 530 grams $53,000.00
U.S Currency $64.949.00
Pharmaceuticals $13.400.00
Firearms: 39
Vehicles: 18
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