Lodging Tax

Tallapoosa County Lodging Tax



·       On May 30, 2023, Governor Ivey signed in to law a local act establishing a lodging tax for Tallapoosa County.


·       The tax is equal to 10% of the total charge for the lodging. Includes charges for use of rental or personal  property services and services furnished in the room (ex. cleaning fees).


·       In the event that a Municipality is assessing a lodging tax in their police jurisdiction (in an unincorporated area of the County), the tax will the difference in the rate of lodging tax levied by the Municipality and 10%.


·        Exempted from the act are charges for accommodations rented to a person 30 continuous days or more.


·       The Commission assessed the tax with an effective date of December 1, 2023.


·       The Commission has waived interest and penalties related to late penalty through June 30, 2024


·       The Commission will waive taxes related to bookings made prior to March 4, 2024 when sufficient documentation is submitted to the Commission Office.


·       The Commission has contracted with Avenu Insights to collect the tax. They can be reached at rdssupport@avenuinsights.com or by calling 1-800-556-7274. A copy of the notification letter for taxpayers provided by Avenu Insights is uploaded in this section for review.


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