E 9-1-1

If you have any type of Police, Fire, or Medical Emergency dial 9-1-1

All Tallapoosa County Dispatchers are Emergency Medical Dispatch Certified meaning they can supply time critical instructions for:

  • CPR 
  • Choking or breathing problems
  • Control Bleeding
  • Child Birth
  • Other First Aid

Your address will show up on our screens if you are on a home phone and the dispatchers will be able to route the appropriate Emergency Response Team to your home or office.  If you cannot speak, the dispatchers will still route a response team to your address. Posting your address saves time and time saves lives.

You must have a GOOD ADDRESS.  If you have property and do not have an address, Tallapoosa County 9-1-1 will issue you one.  Please contact the office at 256-825-8490.   The office is located in Dadeville at 240 West Columbus Street. 

Why 9-1-1 and NOT 911

People have actually become confused and tried to dial Nine-Eleven!   Tallapoosa County 9-1-1 emphasizes Nine-One-One so you will not become confused and you will react properly during an emergency.


When using your wireless phone to report an emergency to 9-1-1, give the dispatchers a notable landmark, cross street intersection, and exact description of emergency you are reporting. Always remember your wireless phone number complete with area code and your name to give to 9-1-1.


Tallapoosa County E 9-1-1 provides for equal access for all Tallapoosa County citizens to report emergencies.  

Anita Haggerty
9-1-1 Coordinator
240 West Columbus Street 
Dadeville, AL 36853
Phone 256-825-8490
Fax 256-825-0378

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