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Tallapoosa County has 35,000 separate parcels of land that must be individually appraised for tax purposes. Each parcel of land must be described on a property record card (or computer printout). Characteristics about land and buildings are listed and valued separately and become the basis for fair market value.

Improvements to the land (buildings, garages, etc) are valued on a cost less depreciation method based on fair market value.

Tallapoosa County has 743 Miles of Shoreline which is part of Lake Martin. Lake Martin's basin is located in part of three counties Coosa, Elmore and Tallapoosa.

Mapping Service

1) Real & Personal Property Taxes
2) Tax Map of Your Property
3) Aerials of Tallapoosa County

Useful Links
Alabama Department of Revenue
Alabama Legislature
ACCA - Association of County Commissioners of Alabama
IAAO - International Associations of Assessing Officers
Alabama Association of Tax Administrators
USPAP - Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

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