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It is our legal obligation, as operators of the Tallapoosa County Jail, to provide a safe, sanitary, secure place of detention for all persons committed to the Tallapoosa County Jail. To assure the constitutional confinement of those persons committed to the custody of the jail either to await trial or upon sentencing of the courts and to insure that all inmates are tested in accordance with the established laws of the United States of America and the State of Alabama.

In order to better manage the jail facility. Video conferencing capabilities, which provide for a safe and cost effective way for certain criminal matters to be handled within the jail between the judges, lawyers and inmates. Last year over 264 video conferences were held between the courts and inmates.

The jail is operated by twenty-four (23) full-time staff and one (1) part-time that consist of the following:


    1 Jail Administrator
    1 Lieutenant
    4 Shift Supervisors
    1 Secretary
    15 Correctional Officers
    1 Full-time Nurse
    1 Part-time Nurse

The following is an overview of the activities for the Jail Division for 2018:

2022 Yearly Booking:

Average Daily Population: 136
Average Monthly Booking: 151
Video Conferencing: 402
2018-2019 Budget: 1,969,591.00
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