Meeting Minutes


The Tallapoosa County Commission re-convened at the Courthouse in Dadeville on September 30, 1999 at 10:00 AM. Members present were Johnny Allen, Frank Tapley, and Gerald McGill. Commissioner William Thweatt entered the meeting later. Commissioner Coley was absent.

Commission Chairman Johnny Allen called the meeting to order. Commissioner Tapley gave the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance followed.

Bids numbered 602, 603, and 604 were opened.

Commissioner Thweatt arrived at this time.

Chairman Allen made the motion to refer bid numbers 602, 603, and 604 to the County Engineer for his review and to accept low bid that meets specifications. Following a second by Commissioner Thweatt, the motion was approved unanimously.

Commissioner Tapley made a motion to send out bids for resurfacing 1 4/10 mile of Knight Road located in District 3 to be opened October 13, 1999. Commissioner McGill seconded the motion and approval was unanimous.

County Engineer Dan Cook recommended award bid numbers 302, 603, and 604 for granite to Hanson Aggregates for FOB plant and to Southeast Materials for FOB job site. His recommendation for limestone and slag was to Vulcan Materials. Following a motion by Commissioner McGill and a second by Commissioner Tapley, the recommendation was approved unanimously.

Following a motion by Commissioner McGill, a second by Commissioner Thweatt and approved by a unanimous vote, the meeting was adjourned.

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