Meeting Minutes


The Tallapoosa County Commission held its regularly scheduled meeting on December 22,1999 at the Courthouse in Dadeville at 11:00 A.M. Members present were Frank Tapley, William Thweatt, Johnny Allen, Gerald McGill, and T.C. Coley, Jr. Chairman Johnny Allen called the meeting to order. Commissioner Tapley gave the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance followed.

Commissioner Coley made the motion to approve the minutes of the December 12,1999 meeting. Following a second by Commissioner McGill, the minutes were approved by a unanimous vote.

Commissioner Thweatt made a motion to set Tallapoosa County's' 2000 Holidays the same as the State of Alabama's Calendar, with the following exceptions ; February 21, Presidents Day, April 24, Confederate Memorial Day, June 5, Jefferson Davis' Birthday, and October 9, Columbus Day. Commissioner Coley seconded the motion and approval was unanimous.

Carolyn Parkman of Dadeville Insurance, aided by Mike Talbot representing Auto Owners Insurance, and Sonny Brasfield, Assistant Director of the Association of County Commissioners of Alabama, presented proposals for liability insurance. Following discussion, Commissioner Tapley made a motion to delegate the decision and implementation of the general liability, automobile and property insurance to the County Administrator. Commissioner Coley seconded the motion. Voting yes were Commissioners Coley, Tapley, and McGill. Commissioner Allen and Commissioner Thweatt voted no.

Chairman Allen made a motion to authorize the preparation of a Resolution in honor and remembrance of the late Herman Shaw. Following a second by Commissioner McGill, the motion was adopted unanimously.

Revenue Commissioner Linda Harris presented a request to the Commission for approval to pay an employee in the Reappraisal Department a one-time salary supplement. Commissioner Coley made the motion to approve the request. Following a second by Commissioner McGill, the request was approved unanimously.

Judge of Probate Barbara Sokol gave a brief report on the Tallassee City Council meeting she attended.

Following discussion, County Attorney E. Paul Jones presented a request from District Judge Kim Taylor to pay two months business related calls on a Juvenile Probation Officers' cell phone bills. Chairman Allen made a motion to approve the request. Commissioner McGill seconded the motion and approval was unanimous.


Janis Smith requested the Commission reconsider Aflac for the administration of the County's Cafeteria Plan. No action was taken.

Commissioner Coley made a motion to authorize EMA Director Marvin Still to hire a part time employee as Deputy EMA Director and to exclude from the job description the portion relating to the Chairman's Secretary. It was further stipulated not to fill the part time position until the previous employee's compensatory time had been exhausted. Commissioner Tapley seconded the motion. Commissioners' Allen, McGill, Coley, and Tapley voted yes. Commissioner Thweatt voted no.

Upon motion by Commissioner McGill, a second by Commissioner Coley and approval by a unanimous vote, the meeting was adjourned.

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