Meeting Minutes

9/26/2000 - Meeting Minutes

The Tallapoosa County Commission reconvened the September 26, 2000, at 6:00 p.m. in the Courthouse at Dadeville. Chairman Thweatt, Commissioners Coley, Tapley and Allen were present. Commissioner McGill was absent. Chairman Thweatt called the meeting to order. Commissioner Tapley gave invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance followed.
County Administrator Jeanette Medders requested the Commission honor the request of County Engineer Dan Cook to rescind the motion of the previous meeting to dissolve a sub-division for Jan Bullard. This request is due to complications discovered upon researching the matter in the office of the Commissioner of Revenue. Chairman Thweatt made the motion to rescind and following a second by Commissioner Coley the motion to rescind was adopted by unanimous vote.

Chairman Thweatt requested for budget hearings to proceed. County Administrator Jeanette Medders prefaced with an explanation to the content of the documents given to the Commissioners and the Public Officials based on the set of assumptions given her by the Commission.


Sheriff Abbett requested the option to re-request the purchase of three (3) automobiles in January of 2001.

Chairman Thweatt made the motion to include the Alexander City Humane in the budget for $7500; and the Historical Society $500. Following a second the motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Chairman Thweatt made a motion to recess the meeting of September 26th to October 2nd at 8:00 a.m. in Dadeville following a second the Commission voted unanimously to recess.

T.C. Coley, Jr. District One

Gerald McGill, District Two

Frank Tapley, District Three

William "Bill" Thweatt, District Four

Johnny Allen, District Five

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