Automobile and Boat Tags

In-State Title Transfers

  • Buyer must present the following documents: Original title signed over to buyer on back of title.Bill of Sale.
  • Buyer must present documents to local probate office within 20 days of purchase.
  • Buyer will pay the following fees: Title fee of $18.00 Sales tax of 2.1% of purchase price (if purchased from individual). Any applicable ad-valorem tax and license fees. Transfer fee of $1.25.
  • No Strike-outs or alterations are permitted in assignments.
  • All signatures must be identical to names on the supporting documents.

In-State Transfers When Previous Owner Is Deceased

  • If will was probated, buyer will present documents noted above along with"Letters of Testamentary."
  • If will was not probated, buyer will present a death certificate and a "Next of Kin" form which must include the notarized signature of the individual named as next of kin and a certificated copy of a death certificate.
  • All documents must have the signature of the above named individual, i.e., title, bill of sale, etc.

Expediting Tag Renewal

  • Residents of Tallapoosa County need one of the following items to renew a tag in the Probate Department.Renewal notice.Previous year's tag registration.Tag number.
  • New residents of Tallapoosa County who have moved from another Alabama County and who need to renew a license tag, must provide one of the following:Renewal notice from the previous Alabama county. Previous year's renewal notice from the previous Alabama county.
  • To register a new or used vehicle purchased from a licensed dealer in the State of Alabama, the following is required:Title application (copy).Itemized bill of sale (copy) showing sales tax break down.
  • To register a vehicle purchased from a licensed dealer from another State, the applicant must present:The car manufacturer's certificate of origin (if the vehicle is new).The original title (if the vehicle is used).Itemized bill of sale, name (s) of the individual (s) to whom the vehicle is beingregistered, proof of residency, Insuranceand ...The vehicle itself for inspection.
  • To register a vehicle prior to and though 1984, the following items are required:A bill of sale, including date, price, vehicle ID number and previous owner'ssignature.Current registration or other supported legal documentation.
  • There are many special tags that may be purchased through the Probate Office. For precise fees and requirements, contact the Probate Office at 256-825-4266.
  • To register a vehicle with the gross weight of 55,000 lbs., or more a completed Schedule 2290 form (obtainable from the Internal Revenue Service) must be presented at the Probate Department.


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