Notaries Public

Notaries Public are commissioned by the Probate Judge of each County and hold office for four years from the date of commission.

The following requirements must be met to qualify to become a notary public in Tallapoosa County.


  • The applicant must be a resident of Tallapoosa County, registered voter of Tallapoosa County, or provide documentation establishing proof of residency.


  • The applicant must submit a notary bond in the amount of $25,000, State-At-Large, from an insurance or bonding company.


  • Each person must submit an Application for Appointment As Notary Public.

The filing fee to become a Notary Public in Tallapoosa County is $35.00, payable by either check or cash.

Upon approval of the notary application, the Probate Judge will mail the commission, along with a card certifying appointment as a Notary Public in Tallapoosa County.

Once appointed, a notary seal may be obtained from any office supply company.

The procedures for State Employees are different in that they are covered under a State Blanket Bond. The Probate Office requires an original letter from the employee's supervisor or department head, substantiating the applicant's status as a State Employee, and thereby covered under the State Blanket Bond to include the bond policy number. Each letter must be submitted on department letterhead, addressed to:


Judge Talmadge East
125 North Broadnax Street
Room 126
Dadeville, Alabama 36853


Each such applicant must also submit $35.00 for the filing fee and complete an Application for Appointment as Notary Public.

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