Engineering/Highway Department



David L. Moore, P. E.                                      
County Engineer


Assistant: Debbie Floyd

Main Location

20121 Highway 280
Dadeville, AL 36853
Phone 256-825-1062
Fax 256-825-1602
In Case of Emergency please call Sheriff's Office  (256) 825-4264

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 A.M. to 3:30 P. M.

The Engineering and Highway Department will be happy to supply you with a Map of Tallapoosa County.  Please fill out this online form. There is a $6.00 fee to handle postage and handling.  An invoice will be sent along with the map.

The Engineering and Highway Department is responsible for all County road and street signs.  If you notice a sign missing or damaged please call the office at  256-825-1062 or fill out the online form so that the sign can be repaired or replaced.  If this is an emergency type situation, please call the Sheriff's dept at (256) 825-4264.

Downloadable Files
tallapoosa county subdivsion and land development regulations (adopted jan 9 2023).pdf

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